They are ideal cut.

EverGem uses ideal cut zirconia. EverGem’s ideal cut makes our zirconia one of the finest diamond simulants on the market.

Cut - Pure Brilliance

All EverGem Zirconia are Ideal cut.

Cut is the most underrated of the 4C’s. An ideally cut gem reflects the maximum amount of light back through the top of the stone, giving maximum amount of fire and brilliance. The less perfect the cut  the more light leaks through the sides of the stone.






This picture shows reflection and dispersion of a Ideally Cut stone.

When  a perfectly symmetrical stone (Brilliant and Princess cut) is cut to such Ideal proportions a 8-point star(from the top) and 8 heart (from the bottom) appears.  This we call the EverGem Star.

These pattern can be seen using the EverGem star scope.





Although  other non-symmetrical stones do not have a star pattern, EverGem zirconia cut all their Zirconia’s to ideal proportions.


All EverGem Zirconia white stones are equivalent D-E Colour


All EverGem Zirconia are equivalent IF/VVS Clarity

IF- Internally Flawless

VVS-  Minute inclusions


The weights of gemstones are measured in Carats. One carat is equal to one Fifth of a gram. Different gemstones have different specific gravities.  The sizes represented by EverGem are the Equivalent weight for a diamond of the same size.